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Hi. uhm. Im afraid of people. In the same way that a human would be afraid of giant spiders.(like in the giant horror spider movies). And I trust no one. not one person. and i NEVER feel safe. which is a problem. And just hugging or touching someoen is a terrifying…

Tbh I think the best thing for you might be to move into a mental issues half way house program if you can find one and build a new support system for yourself.
Your sister is acting out with fits bc she was raised to think this is an appropriate way to gain attention or deal with problems. Don’t take it persoanlly. It’s your family. They. Need to get help.

I came from a family like that. Get out. Get your self help. Learn to trust yourself and be independant. Little steps will grow to be big steps and you’ll make it…. one day at a time.
Best wishes and a virtual hug.

Your Mind - Your Rights. Campus mental health, know your rights.


If you’re a college student with a mental illness, bookmark this. It’s essential that you keep this in case there is ever a conflict with your mental health on campus.

The legalities of colleges and universities (in the US that is, I can’t speak for other countries) differ from the everyday legalities of having a mental illness. Most colleges don’t inform their students of their rights as being mentally ill, so it’s essential that you stay up to date on them yourselves (this was published in 2008, but the most recent version of the brochure).

You are being lied to about pirates










Once they had a ship, the pirates elected their captains, and made all their decisions collectively. They shared their bounty out in what Rediker calls “one of the most egalitarian plans for the disposition of resources to be found anywhere in the 18th century.”

They even took in escaped African slaves and lived with them as equals. The pirates showed “quite clearly – and subversively – that ships did not have to be run in the brutal and oppressive ways of the merchant service and the Royal navy.” This is why they were popular, despite being unproductive thieves.

Oops, turns out piracy is pretty much always a term like terrorist that gets slapped on whatever we don’t like despite being a general reaction to the status quo. And nothing’s really changed.

And when african pirates were captured by the British they were forced into the slave trade.

Horrible Histories taught me about pirates

They were generally democratic, disciplined, communal - they even had pensions! If you wanted out of the pirate life, you would be taken to a destination of your choice (anywhere in the world) and given a lump sum to help you with your new life.


Honor among thieves.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU YES i’ve spent like two years studying piracy (back when i had time to devote to reading and research) and yes pirates are actually all very interesting and democratic and great

Reblogging since someone recently sent me an ask on this topic (although now it appears to be lost somewhere in my inbox).

The thing that annoys me the most about conversations on piracy is the Eurocentrism. African pirates feature as ‘side characters’ on white western ships and that’s about it. This TOTALLY ignores the many other pirate communities out there. Like, why are there no documentaries, movies and novels about Chinese pirates? They outnumbered pirate ships of European origin by a large margin and were very succesful. They formed massive fleets and regularily kicked ass against European naval fleets.

Chinese ‘Pirate kings’ often had a fleet of over 200 ships and the Japanese-Chinese pirate king Cheng Chih-Lung had over a thousand. He fought wars against rival pirate kings and often saw the European fleets as minor nuances. After 1635 you couldn’t sail the Taiwan Strait without a permit issued by Cheng Chih-Lung. He then went on to become a navy commander of the Ming dynasty. He kicked the Dutch VOC out of Taiwan and might have become king of Taiwan if he hadn’t died shortly after.

How is he not the most famous pirate in the history of piracy? Oh yeah.. wait.. he wasn’t white.

Actually, the most successful pirate in history was Ching Shih, a Chinese woman who commanded over 300 junks manned by 20,000 to 40,000 pirates.


It also looks like they’re going to make a TV Series based on her life Starring Maggie Q:

Deadline is reporting that one of our favorite historical ladies may be coming to a television screen near you: Ching Shih, a pirate’s widow who, at the dawn of the 1800′s, began a career that would make her one of the most notorious pirates in the world, the terror of the Chinese, British, and Portugese navies, so unstoppable that the only way to end her naval empire wound up being to offer her complete amnesty and a nice retirement.


Maggie Q, late of Nikita, Mission: Impossible III, and Young Justice, is”set to headline a limited series from Steven Jensen’s Independent Television Group, Mike Medavoy & Benjamin Anderson of Phoenix Pictures (Black Swan), and Fred Fuchs (Transporter). Titled Red Flag, the series is set in the early 1800s and centers on Ching Shih (Maggie Q), a beautiful young Chinese prostitute who goes on to become one of history’s most powerful pirates and head of the most successful crime syndicate in China.”

Little is known of Ching Shih’s early life, so our accounts of her usually begin with pirate leader Zheng Yi taking a cantonese prostitute for his wife. During their marriage, Ching Shih was fully a part of her husband’s profession. After his death, she maneuvered and politicked her way into the lead position of his fleet, taking as a lover and new husband a man she could trust to take care of (and I might be reading a little too far into Wikipedia here) all the boring administrative stuff. Under Ching Shih, her fleet adopted a strict code of conduct governing loyalty and the distribution of loot and stolen goods, as well as personal conduct.

Ching Shih was also remarkable for being one of the only famous pirates to retire and die of natural causes. Giving up on defeating her, the Chinese government offered complete amnesty to all pirates, and she accepted, taking her ill-gotten gains and opening a gambling house, eventually dying at the age of 69.

Reblogging for the new commentary.

Re blogging for the commentary and how interesting the story is.

Noone cares until there is a shooting

And you are the shooter. ..

Lets just be honest,
The other night I realised that my agitation is getting to an all time high where it’s costing me friendships and might be costing me my job, so I called my state’s crisis line to get information on obtaining a lost cost doctor to renew to prescription that is running out. I’ve been off meds for 7 months bc my condition is only seasonal.

The crisis line said they had very little information they could give me bc they were mainly set up to handle people at their breaking point … so they mainly had lists of inpatient institutions.

What does this say to me….
The only time my state’s mental health line can offer me assistance is when I’m about to take my own life or hurt, kill or assult someone else’s life and or property. … and even then, they are relying on me, the person having a psychotic break, to be reasonable enough to call them in advance of an incident and request help.


I’m having problems now. I know I’m having problems now. I’m requesting help and assistance now and medication to handle the problem before it gets out of hand….
And yet I can and only will be offered assistance if I hurt myself or someone else.

Our while system needs a redo/ restart starting with the mental health sectors.

Noone should have to shoot, kill or assult someone to get the treatment they need. That really is crazy talk.

Health care reform is bull shit!!!!

So.. I’m a 39 year old single woman who has seasonal depression, a condition which was on recognized by the psychiatric community 4 years ago as an actually condition that did not need year round medication.

I make about 22k a year.

Every health care policy offered to me is no better than me paying out of pocket and here’s why…

I can have a $100 a month policy with a 5k deductible and $20 per office visit that only covers half of my meds… which if I was properly medicated would total $1500 with out insurance. Do the math… I’m paying $200 an office visit until I reach my deductible so that’s $400 a month plus half for my meds that’s an additional $750 plus $100 to the insurance company… for a total savings of $650. But my doctor has me on traditional medications that cost me $5 a month at Walmart and $200 doctor visits. . For a total of $220 a month.

Seems to me that taking on insurance and getting different drugs would cost me an additional $1030 a month above and beyond what I already pay.

Is this really the health care reform Obama was trying to convince me was going to improve my quality of life…. and that I’m required by law to have which actually cost me MORE money than what I have been paying and can barley afford. I mean, I had to move to another state away from all of my friends and family to be able to afford treatment for a condition I was genetically born with and that the governement requires me to be medicated bc of the symptoms of my condition…. Low impulse control coupled with constant agitation and anger followed but thoughts of suicide and sadness, manic swings and problems sleeping.

I Do NOT get it. The system I’m up against really makes me want to lash out and hurt myself or someone else bc I am asking for help and 20 years after I began this journey… I’m still finding a serious lack in the system in terms of being able to help me, offer me support or assistance….. and its effecting my quality of life and the people around me. Half of the year.. Every day is a struggle.

I can completely understand why people wake up one day and grab a gun and open fire on people. I’d never do it bc it solves nothing… but I can see the path they came down, where they came from, how they arrived there. I could never do it bc it’s not everyone else’s fault that health care system and insurance is a scam… one huge giant scam supported by the government… now enforced and forced on the public by the government as an answer to an already broke system.

I don’t believe in health care reform bc it does nothing to help me… If anything, with all of its fines, it makes my life harder and more expensive.



Prong collars are designed to punish dogs for pulling by inflicting pain and discomfort. They can cause serious physical and emotional damage to dogs and should never be used.

The metal spikes of prong collars pinch the skin around dogs’ necks when they pull and can scratch or puncture them. Over time, this can cause dogs to develop scar tissue (which has no feeling) and/or build up a tolerance to the painful pinching sensation and thus continue to pull, making walks even more difficult. Dogs may interpret the tightening of a choke or prong collar around their neck as a stranglehold (which it is, after all!) and become fearful or even aggressive.

Sign the petition to get them banned, 100.000 signatures guarantees a debate in parliament.

Guys, there’s only 5,000 signatures on this and I checked the facts and yes, these are still legal in the UK! :(

We use this on our pit bull who came from a fighting back ground and was extremely agressive. She never ever had damage like this but it did calm her down quickly based on her own actions.

As with everything in the world… Some asshole is going to come along and use it wrong. That alone does not mean they should be banned. They should, however, only be sold by trainers with a training class as they are a training tool you want to use only if you have tried and exhausted all other options… and they are for training, not everyday all day wear or out door chaining.
Shock collars and choke chains can also inflict damage like this.

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